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All Construction Material Testing

All Construction Material Testing

Geotechnical Group laboratory has been managed by highly qualified technical Management, material engineers and laboratory technicians for carrying out the routine and special tests according to QCS, ASTM, AASHTO BS, AWS ASME & EN and other international project specification and requirements.
Our laboratory is equipped with high-tech instruments and equipments for carrying out all tests related to Soil properties, classification of back fill materials, aggregate, fresh and hardened concrete, asphalt mixtures analysis, steel testing and chemical testing. The quality control of construction materials for special projects are provided on high levels such as special concrete mix design, and on-site controlling the setting time of concrete for slip form system during construction. Concrete mix design using special additives and combination of different types of cement for repair works for jetties, buildings, water storage tanks and bridges.
Geotechnical Group has been ensured the Quality Assurance / Quality Control for during material testing to until issuing the test reports.

Geotechnical group was established in Qatar on December 2003, Geotechnical Group is a private sector Engineering Company in QATAR.

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