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Geotechnical Investigation & Instrumentation

Geotechnical Investigation & Instrumentation.

Geotechnical Group is a highly qualified, specialized engineering consulting company. Our fields of specialization are considered very important for civil engineering projects throughout the design and construction stages. We have been doing Geotechnical Site investigation including offshore and onshore drilling, sampling and Testing.

Note:Please refer the Geotechnical Group QMS Procedure – Geotechnical Investigation – GTG-QMS-P-21.

Drilling works

We have drilling boreholes 4 inches and 6 inches diameters for purposes of such as:
1. Drilling for electrical earthing works
2. Drilling for soak pits and dewatering observation & monitoring works.
3. Drilling for mining and quarrying studies
4. Sampling of subsurface materials: bulk, disturbed, undisturbed samples and rock coring.
5. Pressure Grouting using sand, Cement, bentonite and water mixtures for filling of the under foundation cavities and other purposes

Our Geotechnical Engineers and Geologists have good knowledge in laboratory testing and core analysis and they strictly and carefully follow up the drilling works to obtain the samples according to international standards and carrying out logging and storage of core samples boxes and documented

Geotechnical Instrumentation

Geotechnical Group has carried out the geotechnical instrumentation project including the procurement, Installation and monitoring for Geotechnical instrumentations works such as Standpipe piezometers, pneumatic piezometer, electrical piezometer, settlement gauges, inclinometers…etc. all in accordance with the international testing standards (ASTM, BS, QCS), manufactures manuals and engineers instructions.

Geophysics Work

Geotechnical Group has been carried out the Geophysics work in various projects in Qatar & International and Geotechnical Group has the specialized team and instruments to perform the projects as per client requirements and standard.
We have briefed about the geophysics work here: Applied geophysical techniques are inexpensive and effective method to obtain subsurface information and, hence, they have been used widely. Each geophysical technique requires sufficient contrast in measurable physical.
A resistivity survey has been documented as a powerful method to detect a cavity in a karst region, sinkholes and others, where the cavity can be distinguished on the basis of a resistivity anomaly from back ground (Loke 1999: Van Schoor, 2002 Satarugsa and other 2004,)

Quality Inspection and Testing

Field testing in the drilled boreholes such as falling, constant head permeability packer permeability testing and percolation tests, standards penetration test (SPT) with open shoe or with cone attachment and field vane shear tests.

Trail Pits & Trenches:

Our services also include trial pits and addit excavation, sampling of disturbed, bulk and undisturbed samples for determining the properties of the excavated materials. This can be provided for the design of the infrastructure projects and for contractors to study materials of the borrow areas adjacent to construction sites.

Evaluation of Existing structures:

Special studies for excavation of existing building, roads, water storage tanks…etc. are also part of our services.
The studies include the geotechnical investigation, testing and evaluation of different structural elements and construction materials, recommended the most economic and best engineering methods for repair and rehabilitation and supervising these works.

Geotechnical group was established in Qatar on December 2003, Geotechnical Group is a private sector Engineering Company in QATAR.

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