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HSE Policy


Geotechnical Group Health, Safety & Envioronment Policy has been authorized by the companies General Director and is displayed in the workplace. The policy is communicated to all employee, during the induction of new staff and when outsourcing work to be completed on behalf of Geotechnical Group. The key aspects of our policy, which relates to the execution of safe work practies, are summarized as follows

  Communicate With, and engage, employees, contractors, customers and suppliers to share the responsibility for meeting reqirements of this policy.

  Minimize the incidence of injury and damage to all employees and equipment.

  Investigate, report, and record all incidents, accidents,injries and lines with a view to implementing controls to eliminate hazards and risks.

  We will strive for negligible impacts on the enviroment in which we work.

  Comply with all relevant legislation and support industry standards.

  Provide training to achieve appropriate completency of our people.

   Strive to continuosly improve all facts of the business to enhance safety and health performance

  To ensure continual improvement through identifying the weaknesses, eliminate the causes and implement the steps to overcome the deficiencies, which will improve the company‚Äôs HSE management system.

Geotechnical group was established in Qatar on December 2003, Geotechnical Group is a private sector Engineering Company in QATAR.

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